Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 190...not

This is actually a picture of the 4th of July, but there were so many pictures from vacation I wanted to put in my P365 album, I off a little bit. This would acutally be taken on day185, but is ending up here instead....love the ability to make this album what I want it to be

We went to the city fireworks display with full intentions of sitting in the bed of the pickup and watching....then it started to rain, so the blankets went over our heads instead of under us...then it started to pour and Todd and Melia (the smart ones) got into the front of the truck and Taylor and I stayed in the bed...until the water started to run down at us from the tailgate...boy were we wet! It was great fun and I was laughing so hard nearly couldn't climb into the pickup cab...great memories! Melia took this picture.


  1. Your right you can put your book together any way you want. cool look

  2. That is why your book is your own..you can do your own thing. Great shot...i like those ones